The XMame on CD Project


Welcome to the XMAME on CD project, it's aim is simple, to produce a CD version of XMame that will boot and run on any PC without any software installation whatsoever. The project is very much in its infancy and we have put this site together in order to try and gauge interest in developing the project further. The whole project is based upon the GNU/Linux version of XMAME in order that anybody can create their own CD and play the games they want to. The authors are GNU/Linux enthusiasts not experts, we have basically copied the ideas and code of others in order to get this up and running. I'm sure we have done many things wrong and could improve every aspect of the development,... that is why you are reading this page...we need your help.


Sat on a train coming back froma boring day's work in London, Chris Covell turned to Dave Barter and said "wouldn't it be great to create a CD bootable version of XMame, that you could play on any PC", Dave's eyes lit up, he envisioned legions of office workers raising one finger to the IT department as they played arcade games on their locked down PCs without detection......and so the XMame on CD project was born.

Dave and Chris rushed off home and spent the evening searching the net, "has anybody done this before", a few CD bootable versions of GNU/Linux were found, but only one site where Yamamori Takenori had successfully created a bootable CD for playing his favourite game under SDL. Yamamori's site "The Linux CD-Rom Game System" became the basis of our first prototype, and within a few days Dave had created a CD that booted successfully into X-Windows and ran Scramble. However, we had a lot of problems with game scaling under X-Windows so a new approach was needed. More web searching revealed the SVGALIB which seems to work with most of the leading graphics cards and monitors, furthermore, XMame can be compiled against SVGALIB and subsequently scales most games to full screen.

So a second prototype was created, booting a read-only filesytem version of GNU/Linux, providing a crude front end to select games and then running XMAME.SVGALIB.

XMame on CD Project Objectives

The objectives of the project are:-

Project Status


We are currently working on the following:-

Creating Your Own XMame CD

I have created a crude cookbook for making a bootable XMame CD, it is based upon Yamamori's instructions with a few modifications and an extra menu system.